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Ink Mark

So what's this all about? How does this all work? A community you say? How? Where? Who? What? Why? I don't get it

Welcome! This is a space where you can belong. Yep! Here you can be a part of a community of life travellers who are sometimes just nailing it but more often tripping over our toes and wandering blind. We are all oh so very human. Some weeks (days/hours/minutes) are just plain tough, aren't they? Others are really quite lovely and who knew life could be so darn ___ [insert your word here] ___ ? However you are rolling or blobbing or bowling, we've got your back and others are journeying right alongside you too. We believe humans are simply not meant to travel alone. So come in, sit down, stay for a while and, together, we can make this space a home. 

Relaxed Yolk

Hop onto our various social media platforms to enjoy videos, images, prompts, daily nurture and a host of other bits and bobs we post on the go. Please please please join our SAFE and nurturing Community: details here


Have a wander around the site - you will find ways to connect and get involved, discover easy to use tools and get help developing skills and self help resources you can turn to anytime, uncover fun activities you can easily join in on, there are community galleries, opportunities to explore and express and ways to just let go and play.  And yes it all had to be said in a loooooong run on overexcited sentence. Our daily blog posts are just us sharing our own self help and bumbling journey practices with you along with prompts for how you can come on board.

Illustrated Map

Become a Part of Our Community

Join our community and you can create your own profile page visible only to other members. You can create your own posts, comment on others, easily engage with us, browse, read, share and interact with blog posts and each other, join interest groups or forums and so much more. How utterly cool is that?

Aaaaaaaand, even more conveniently, there's an app! Seriously, there is. It looks like this:

spaces wix logo_edited.jpg

And you can download it for free and access the blog and all of the community member tidbits from your device any old time you want with no more effort than the push of a button! And then you won't get bogged down with emails in order to stay up to date, you just hop in when you feel like it and there we will be. Yay! Members can also invite people to join in and become part of our community. Oh my goodness, how exciting! Yes! Lots of exclamation marks!!! Please come be a part of our very human community!!!


So, how do you do this? Start by signing up at the top of this page - you will see the member login bar in our menu. Then, download the Wix Spaces app from Google Play or the App Store. Once you have joined, we will provide you with the private invite code. Aaaaaaand Welcome!

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