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Self Doubt: the tale of the all too often

Things we do when we can’t talk it through: getting creative in the name of self discovery

#veryhumanthings #expressivearts #selfdiscovery

pencil, paint and ink mixed media

Self portrait

In some weary, shape, or form

A version

A version of a self portrait?

A version of a self portrait with rough edges and blurred landscapes

Why call it “a version”? Isn’t it just …

Self portrait

Self doubt

Self inflicted

It’s a version of self

Looking in the mirror

Can’t quite figure out who I see

Is she the eyes or is she the sick feeling or the tears that want to spill?

Both. All. And also

One tear slithers

Wipe it away


Swallow the choke

I’m calling it self doubt because self scorn sounds too harsh

Because self sinking into self sounds too obscure

Because self wanting to hide from self sounds too childish

Childish? Or pure?

But you know what I mean, right?

And you can gauge by the portrait! Right?

Do you like it?

Do you think she’s any good?

Do you think she be who she says she can be?

Do you think she can

Do you think she will

Do you think she should

Do you think she

Do you think

Do you


Do not answer that

Self doubt

Self inflicted

Self unbelieved

Self unexplored

Self looking for

Self doubt : our nemesis.

Self doubt knows how to steal self

How to end the self doubt?

With self

Self portrait

A version

writing by Saxon & Kendall

art by Kendall


How Are You Doing?

Can't talk it out? Can you draw it? Squiggle it? Dig holes into the couch? Burn something (safely!). Blow a dandelion and watch it scatter?

anything and everything matters

If it comes from you, it is IMPORTANT

We are in this together

The Very Human Beings

Come Along: What is this and how to join in?

Sometimes words just don't express, do they? Or sometimes they do but not as conversation or talk. We often get very lost trying to articulate in everyday sentences. So we turn to art, music, film, sound, metaphor, creative dialogue, prose, you name it. Whatever will help us take "it" from "that" to "this".

You know what is the most amazing thing about humans? Every single one of us is a creative being. Every single one of us has the ability to express ourselves creatively. If you haven't already tried, give it a go and experience the freedom it brings. It's breathtaking, we promise!

What's that? You are not an artist? You can't? Who told you that? For me it was my grade 1 classroom teacher and my grade 5 music teacher. Who was it for you?​

Here – throw egg in their face!

Come on, we have even garnished it for you!


Grab whatever you have at your fingertips and dig deep into your pockets of all you can and let's help each other say what some days we just can't.

As always, feel free to riff off ours if you are stuck. In fact, we would LOVE that. ​

If you're feeling brave, post your versions in our comment feed so others can be inspired too. Or upload to your own social media (be sure to use our hashtags - #veryhumanthings - so we can find each other). Either way, make sure to comment on posts by others and encourage one another as we find new voices.

The only rules are: RESPECT!

See you in there!

Kendall et al

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