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A Limited Vocabulary of Me: it's a start

Who Be Me? guided only by what we know and what we don't know yet

#veryhumanme #selfdiscovery

Me by [other]

It all began when my therapist picked up her whiteboard marker and said "what are words that describe you?" At first, I will admit, I wanted to sink through the floor - I wasn't very helpful at all. So she began scribbling what she says she knows ... and I joined in a little. It looked a little like this. And then she gave me the homework of just sitting with this list for a few days and then to begin exploring it.

Can you create your own list? If it's too hard to do by yourself, ask a friend or someone you can trust to help you or, like I had, do it for you. Hey, I figure that's better than nothing, no? All we need is a start ... an honest start xx

Maybe you take a few minutes, maybe a few days, maybe a whole week? It doesn't matter - what is important is you put at least one word on the board [paper] and, together, we begin this exciting but also potentially frightening journey of WHO BE ME?

Later on I will show you how to turn this into a visual “art” forest/garden. But, for now none of that matters yet. Only that you can find a word or a few for YOU.




Come Along: What is this and how to join in?

You know how so often people say "you could write a book about this" and then, if you are like us, you think bravely to yourself "maybe I just will"? Well, we just are. Only we're going to do it our way and it will probably end up looking nothing like a book but it will be one heck of a romp.

AND we would be so beside ourselves with delight if you joined in and created your own book alongside us and we all encouraged each other along the way. How awesome would that be? Come on - you know you want to! Please?

Here's how you can come along with us:

  • Grab pens, paper, glue, bits and bobs, stuff

  • each week, Marie-Claude is going to lead us through her wild romp into Who Be Marie-Claude?

  • follow along and let her ideas inspire yours: you can copy and embellish or go off on a whole other tangent that delights and frights you

  • start creating your very own book thingy of YOU

If you're feeling brave, post pics of your version in our comment feed - we would so love that. Or upload to your own social media (be sure to use our hashtags #veryhumanme so we can find each other). Either way, make sure to comment on posts by others and encourage one another as we all open up our treasure boxes and discover what is inside.

The only rules are: please be supportive and encouraging

See you in there!

Marie-Claude et al​

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