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Daily Self Regulation ART: but we’re not always dysregulated

pause. breathe. check in. finding our centre again

#veryhumanregulation #selfregulation #selfregulationskills

when hope looks like growth

digital art

following the lines of growth

peeking through the strands of hope

The thing about self regulation art is that we don’t have to be dysregulated to practice it. When we are dysregulated, it functions as a tool for grounding and centering in a more “crisis control” and “tame the wild” kind of way. But when we practice it while actually regulated, it is like giving our nervous system a glorious hot bath and the velvet smooth taste of chocolate (ok, so that is our idea of heaven, you contemplate yours as you read). It’s much like a regular yoga or meditation or other mindful practice I suppose. A date with ourselves to experience ourselves as fully present and grounded. And, in the flow of our practice, so we gently process and absorb our current state or mental space. And it becomes a bit like getting to know ourselves again. Because each growth period brings a new version and we need to meet our new version and spend time with them and learn to fall in love, if we can. And our nervous system thanks us.

Notice I am using words like “practice” and “process”. Because these artworks are rarely gallery worthy. But always always beautiful. Because the experience of creating them was truly beautiful.

Today I had therapy and it wasn’t a painful one. I am feeling peaceful and hopeful. And sure, the usual “stuff” will come again … but I’m not going to think about that now. Tonight I am choosing to focus on how far I have come and the wonderful potential of where I am going. And spending some time self regulating with art allowed me to solidify these thoughts and feelings before I rush off again into the frenetic world that is life.

drawing by Maddie

writing by Kendall


So here we are sharing our daily practice of PAUSE. BREATHE. CHECK IN. Clearing the clutter and finding me, myself and I in the present moment. And we invite you to follow along and let's keep each other on track? Or try to at least, some days are still pretty bumpy. Sigh

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