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Daily Self Regulation ART

pause. breathe. check in. finding our centre again

#veryhumanregulation #selfregulation #selfregulationskills

10 minute portrait of the selves

in dim and bright light

oil pastel on canvas paper

Pseudo … tapping in


So here we are sharing our daily practice of PAUSE. BREATHE. CHECK IN. Clearing the clutter and finding me, myself and I in the present moment. And we invite you to follow along and let's keep each other on track? Or try to at least, some days are still pretty bumpy. Sigh

Create your own or feel free to riff off ours. Sometimes it's just hard to know where to start, isn't it? Follow along and let our ideas inspire yours: you can copy and embellish or go off on a whole other tangent that delights and frights you (and we are always keen to hear new ideas)

If you're feeling brave, post your versions in our comment feed so others can be inspired too. (No need for fancy or pro lit photos - ours are always on our living room floor in front of the window and the lighting is chance!) Or upload to your own social media (be sure to use our hashtags #veryhumanregulation so we can find each other). Either way, make sure to comment on posts by others and encourage one another as we all drop our anchors and find what's in the stillness (or the fire)

The only rules are: please be supportive and encouraging!


How We Go About It

We go outside (fresh air) and pay attention to nature and details in the world around us (focusing tool). Each day we select one item or snap a photo with our phone and bring it home. We select the medium that most matches our mood or that we feel will be the most regulating in that moment and we set to work drawing (calming our nervous system and bringing ourselves back on line through hyper focusing)

We set an alarm for 20 minutes (our containment) but you figure out what works best for you. Sometimes a quick 5 will do; other times it feels like we need half a day, doesn't it? We do often repeat this exercise several times through the day when it's a real doozy of a day. Smile

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