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Canvas and lens blurred. Or are they combined?

We shall reflect as we take a little covid interlude … back in a week? Ish.? Views from the Rollercoaster

raw. open. exposed. come on in

#veryhumanrollercoaster #traumarecovery

so we had covid. past tense. but then we have covid. present tense. we could breathe. past tense. but then we struggle to breathe. present tense.

we were ok. past tense. but then we’re not ok. present tense.

we got better. past tense. but then we got suddenly worse. present tense.

we thought we were one thing. past tense. but then we are really another. present tense.

oh wow. are we talking about Covid or our mental health? they sound the same

and now this photo we took a month ago makes sense. so much sense

a photograph is one thing. known fact. and it’s a true capture. from the outside in.

a painting on canvas is another thing. known fact. and it’s a true capture. from the inside out. fact?

true capture?

what if we combine the two?

or have we blurred?

canvas and lens

we will be taking a little covid interlude

predicting about a week or so

we can never take a mental health interlude

and the word “predict” doesn’t fit in this space

so let’s see what comes

it shall be an adventure

it always is

Image by Tyson

Writing by Kendall


How to join: please come in

Many many days we feel alone or lost or just utterly discombobulated (fave word). Other days we feel like we are awash with wisdom or insight or hope. It's a rollercoaster alright!

Probably the most vital thing for us on our journey is that we are not travelling alone. We have the world's most magnificent friends, access to amazing therapy and a whole lot of serendipity of perhaps divine intervention?

I don't know about you, but rollercoasters all alone are no fun. So let's share the ride - the more the merrier, as "they" say (who are "they" anyway? This time "they" are right).

So here's where we share openly and authentically and expose ourselves with all our bits and pieces. At first we wanted to title this section "hanging out the dirty laundry" but then we realised it wasn't dirty, it was just life.

So please, journey with us. Let's hold one another and find encouragement in togetherness as we go Doooooown and UP. Because we always do. Smile

Same as always, follow along, add your own, riff off ours.

If you're feeling brave, post your versions in our comment feed so others can be inspired too. Or upload to your own social media (be sure to use our hashtags - #veryhumanrollercoaster - so we can find each other). Either way, make sure to comment on posts by others and encourage one another as we find new voices.

The only rules are: RESPECT!

See you in there!

Leonora et al​

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