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Because we live with mental health DISorder …


We disappeared again for a while with very intermittent posting. Yep. The thing about a blog about mental health run by a collective of very human humans who struggle with mental health is … well … mental health. Sometimes (often) mental health disrupts a wonderfully intended schedule of posting or messes with ideas for regular contributions and activities… and mental health doesn’t look like neat calendars or strategic plans. Sigh. And so days and even weeks can go by in what seems like one great big disappearing act or silence. Yay mental health.

We have toyed long and hard about preparing our posts and prompts ahead of time and creating some kind of scheduling system but they doesn’t feel authentic at all and we worry about two things: 1) we will appear to be so much more on top of things and in grand mental health than we are and 2) we won’t be able to keep up with our own selves. Actually. Because we don’t live a single week where we are on top of things or able to keep to a schedule or in grand order. That is life with mental health DISorder.

The truth is, our mental health just can’t keep up with all our wonderful intentions for this blog. Or so we thought. But then we had a rethink. What intentions are the most important? That we have daily content and fit the “functional” and “efficient” and “success” mould or we allow you to truly journey with us as we openly share the most real and truthful portrayal of living with mental illness that we can offer. Our own. Raw. Unfiltered. Exposed.

We choose the latter. And so we will continue to post in the moment and on the day and nothing will be pre scheduled. Where we are is what you get.

And we will continue to post prompts and tools as we use them and we apologise for the days when we don’t … but we hope you can keep using them in our absence. Actually, maybe you can help us? Flick is a gentle reminder? Check in. Hold us accountable to our own mental health practice? Perhaps you could post for the community on the days we can’t? You know what? That would be a collective in action, wouldn’t it? Join our private safe space (find the link in groups) and let’s all help each other? That would be incredible! A dream come true in fact.

And we will continue to post the art and blurts that come as messy and unfiltered and rough and sometimes downright incomprehensible as they are. They are our living and some days our survival. And we hope our unadulterated expressions will inspire you to create what is truly, deeply, most authentically yours.

This is a blog about mental health. Let it sing to the beats and the silences that is mental health.

From here forward we, the very human collective, will do our very best to stay true to our journey and not try and cover up the DYSfunctional. Because, in doing that, we will be living as our most functional - in full acceptance of where we are in each moment.

Today, I am here. And you?

Us, the very human collective


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