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Resources and Community

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Our dream is to have this be a place we can all turn to no matter where we are on our individual rollercoasters. Imagine you're having a tough time and there's one place you can go where you know you will always find tools and activities to help you and people to surround you? It's here! Imagine you want to discover more or learn about or find out about or? Here! Perhaps you'd like to share your journey or show what it's like to walk a day in your shoes so that others can feel less alone? Here! Looking for fun challenges to hop in on or personal expeditions to embark on or ways to connect with others in fun ways or just keep you from eating too much chocolate as your body moulds itself into your couch? Here! Here! HERE! 

What else? What you like to see us include in this space?

Send us an email or message and let us know.

We would LOVE your input in making it all of OURS!  


Very Human 

Expressive arts for shared experience and education

We invite you to share your experience in any form you can: visual art, written word, film, music, installation, performance, squiggle, burp, gasp - anything!

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Self Regulation Tools & Skills

Instruction, guidance, invitation, easy grab and do videos , soundscapes, activities and so on to get us regulated and 

grounded when the going gets tough

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Beacons & Voyages

To inform, to relate, to discover, to encounter, to enlighten, to feel held, to travel in numbers



Fun and engaging activities and encounters to get us all chatting and connecting and being the vibrant community or the solid friend we all need

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Community Galleries

Here's where we proudly and excitedly display what you have created as you follow along with our blog or join in the activities or journeys

Most of this happens our in our private community space so please please please join our SAFE and nurturing Community: details here.  Alternatively, you can join a number of public groups via our Living Space or or private groups through our Facebook PageIt's also part of our various social media platforms and so we invite you to hop on and enjoy videos, images, prompts, daily affirmations or nurture and a host of other daily bits and bobs we post on the go. 

The Very Human Experience of:

Hey there fellow traveller, the human experience is a pretty endless thing and so there is no limit to the number of these galleries we could create. We've begun with ours and are excitedly awaiting yours. Please let us know what you would other experiences you would like to see here. AND don't hold back! Send us anything you have made or written or created that expresses your personal experience and we will include it on our Very Human Experience Galleries page. Be sure to follow our Instagram Page for regular uploads as well as our blog category: Things We Do When We Can't Talk It Through for inspiration and prompts for you to get involved (if that's helpful). 


Using images, scribbles, words, film, sound, music, noise, blurts, ANYTHING to share the experience of life and living with the big D


Using images, scribbles, words, film, sound, music, noise, blurts, ANYTHING to share the experience of life impacted by trauma


Using images, scribbles, words, film, sound, music, noise, blurts, ANYTHING to share the experience of ordinary life with a very DISordinary disorder